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Thank You for Visiting Oscar Garcia, Broker-Realtor & CEO/Founder of 1% LISTING FEE.

I’m a licensed real estate professional with over 35 years of full-time experience. My office is based out of Rancho Cucamonga, CA, right on Foothill Blvd. From here I serve customers in all four counties: San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange, & L.A. Counties. I have a specialized team in both Orange & L.A. Counties.

The thrust of my focus is to serve my clients at the highest level of excellence while charging the lowest commission in the industry. To me 1% represents serving at the top 1% of excellence. This comes out not only in the fact that I take calls & texts from my clients 7 days a week from about 8 am to 9 pm, but also in everything we do for our clients.

As further reflection of this commitment, I have 3 Licensed Appraisers on staff to determine the value of your home, thereby enabling me to negotiate the highest possible price & best terms for my home sellers. In 2021, about 92% of the 94 listings that I sold, I was able to remove the buyer’s Appraisal Contingency. I was able to do this, because going out the gate at listing time, I knew the value of these homes. Each of these three appraisers have over 16 years experience. This unique benefit enables me to stand out from about 99% of our peers. Thus, my focus is to sell your home at the very top level of market value. Most of my peers believe & practice a philosophy of listing homes on the low side of market value. The logic sounds good, but I see everyday too many home sellers losing thousands of dollars. Their thinking sounds good: price it low & it will get the attention of more buyers, & hopefully, the price will go up. Well, I prove that philosophy wrong EVERY SINGLE WEEK!

My approach is based not only on my experience & results every week, but on the common fact that it is easier to go down, than it is to go up. Thus, my advice will always be: list your home at TOP Market Value, not low market value. In EVERY SINGLE Home Value Report that I prepare, you can easily identify at least 45% of the homes listed, home sellers who lost thousands of dollars, because they listed their homes too low. On these reports we can identify over 95% of the home sellers who paid higher commissions, thereby losing of thousands of dollars in over payment of commissions. I charge the lowest commission in the industry.

With that approach, the next step is massive internet advertising & marketing of your home. I use the entire internet to do accomplish this. In 2021, over 91% of all of our listings had multiple offers. We hire only the best photographers, use 2 virtual tours, property website, social media, & list your home in over 95,000 websites & search engines.

Feel free to call or text me 7 days a week from about 8 am to 9 pm at 909 202-2645.


Call Oscar Garcia at (909)-202-2645 if you wish to BUY or SELL a property in the Orange County area!


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More Reasons to Choose Oscar Garcia & 1% LISTING FEE!

When you sell your existing home with us, on your next home purchase with us, we will rebate you 50% of that commission to you as a way of saying, “thank you.”

If you move out of State, you can transfer that someone else.

No one, & I mean, no one does that. We do, because we truly value our clients. We appreciate the trust & the opportunity that you have placed in us.

Planning to Sell? Choosing the Right Agent is the MOST Critical decision.

The real estate industry has the biggest revolving door of any industry that I know of. About 87% of real estate industry entering our industry are out of it within three years. Within five years, about 95% are out of it. This is a formula for disaster for some home sellers.

Selling your home can be an emotional & stressful process. Not only do I have a
thorough understanding of the market, I also understand all the nuances of the real estate market. I am straightforward & simple in my approach. I listen to your needs & tailor my approach from that reference point to provide the highest level of service in the industry. From start to finish this is my approach.

By having 3 Licensed Appraisers on my staff, I am able to deliver on the #1 job on my list: sell your home at TOP Market Value. Most of my peers work from a different reference point. They encourage home sellers to list their home on the low side of value, which often leads to home sellers losing thousands of dollars.

In addition to this, I charge the lowest commissions in the industry & give you 100% representation. My approach is to provide the highest level of service that about 1% of real estate professionals provide. This approach leads to amazing things: over 94 homes sold in 2021 & constant flow of referrals from my home sellers, some of which sell multiple homes with me.


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